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As a CPA, you enjoy a unique status in the business community.  As a Public Practitioner, however, are you making the most of your CPA status?  Are you using it to the full advantage?

Being a CPA is not just a number crunching, it is a career with countless opportunities. From Strategic Planning to Risk Analysis, as well as any sector from finance to Fashion Design and the list goes on.  Whenever there is a need for someone with astute accounting knowledge and sharp business skills, you will be in demand. 

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Certified Practising Accountants Papua New Guinea (CPA PNG) is the premier accounting professional body established under the Accountants Act 1996. Current membership is at 4000 and growing.

To become a member of CPA Papua New Guinea , you must have completed a Diploma or Degree from an approved tertiary instituion in Papua New Guinea.

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