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"An investment in education is an investment in yourself and in the future of Papua New Guinea" 

Education is the key to growth and development.  At CPA PNG we are committed to providing world class training and education to enable our members to be the best they can be.  Our programs allow members to invest in themselves to grow as professionals and develop their careers.

2023 Semester One  Examinations are done. We are now accepting registration for Semester Two 2023.

IMPORTANT DATES to be considered by both  CPA & CAT


  • Due Date for Examination Enrolment:                                                                :Friday, 28th July 2023
  • Due Date for Examination Deferral /Withdrawals  without Penality:                   :Thursday, 31st August 2023
  • Due Date for Change of Venue                                                                           :Friday, 29th September 2023
NO Subject Important Date
1 Foundations of Accounting Monday 23rd October 2023
2 Taxation Law and Practice Tuesday 24th October 2023
3 Strategic Management Accounting  Wednesday 25th October 2023
4 Ethics and Governance Wednesday 25th October 2023
5 Advanced Audit and Assurance Firday 27th October 2023
6 Financial Risk Management Thursday 26th October 2023
7 Business Law Firday 27th October 2023
8 IFinancial Reporting Thursday 26th October 2023
9 Accounting Concepts and Principles (Elective) Tuesday 24th October 2023
10  Business Finance (Elective)                    Wednesday 25th October 2023
11 Management Accounting  Wednesday 25th October 2023
12 Financial Accounting and Reporting                     Thursday 26th October 2023

 2023 Semester Two Exam Programs

Registered Accounting Graduate (RAG)



Registered Accounting Technician (RAT)



Foundation of Accounting (Pre-requiste to other subject) K275 K275 Foundation of Accounting (Pre-requiste to other subject) K275 K275
PNG Business Law K275 K275 Intorduction to Buiness Law K275 K275
PNG Taxation Law and Practice  K275 K275 Intorduction to Taxation Law & Practice K275 K275
Financial Reporting K880 K275 Financial Accounting and Reporting K880 K275
Financial Risk Management  K880 K275 Management Accounting K880 K275
Strategic Management Accounting  K550 K275 Accounting Concepts & Principles (Elective) K880 275
Advance Audit and Assurance K550 K275 Business Finance (Eelective) K880 K275
Ethics and Governance  K550 K275 Ethics and Governance K550 K275

Reference Books:  IAS is free and can be accessed online:

                                    IFRS: please contact: for assistance.

                                    IFRS – to obtain a copy, please contact Veronica: for assistance.

Check on the event page and seach for examination to register for respective courses